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persevere (" : to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement"

"Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers."-1 Timothy 4

I've been hearing this word "persevere" a-lot lately, so I decided to write or create this site today (Sunday, September 27th of 2009). I remembered when I was going to "quit" after my 1st day on the job at Taco Bell my junior year in high school. I said it out loud and my mom told me to "not give-up". I laugh at this now as I look back; however, I wasn't laughing when I said it during my high school days. Just that one phrase "don't give-up" (paraphrase) from my mom was enough encouragement for me. How do you think others may feel when we say this same encouragement phrase to them in times of trials? It's important to "encourage one another" in our daily life.

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Derek Clark-Never Give Up

"Here is a little footage of Derek Clark at one of his events talking about Never Giving Up and not letting a weakness destroy your greatness. Derek Clark is an Inspirational Speaker, a Former Foster Child that spent 13 years in the Foster Care System. Derek is the Author of 3 books in his Never Give Up Series titled, I Will Never Give Up, I Will Never Give Up For The Teenager, and I WIll Never Give Up On God Again. Derek is a singer songwriter and mixes in music when he does his inspirational presentations. His music is featured on iTunes, Rhapsody, Billboard, Napster, etc.. To find out more information on Derek Clark and his Inspirational Speaking, Books and Music, Please visit his inspiring website"


Dodgeball: A Spiritual Gift III

"Charlie Parker is back! This time the lesson is: Perseverance. When a fateful event puts Charlie in a wheelchair, he must learn to persevere through the obstacles, difficulties, and hardships in life."




"some time life deals you a hand that is hard to handle. Cindy's story clearly shows that we need to persevere no matter what... enjoy"



Nothing is Impossible

"23: Time to Choose is dedicated to fostering a strengthened sense of faith, an appreciation for the power of belief, and the will to persevere over adversity. Its vision is simple: to recognize the value of personal relationships while maintaining a positive attitude and heightening awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)."
"September 27th, 1998 - I fell 35-feet into Chester Creek (Duluth) and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Police were called to the creek where three officers risked their lives to save mine. I was hospitalized at St. Luke's Hospital, where I spent 19 days in a coma.
On October 15th, I was transferred to Sister Kenny for rehab at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. While there, I had to relearn how to walk, talk, write, and everything else I had taken for granted. Only through this necessary path to reclaim my future did I learn the value of my Christian Faith, the strength of my heart, God's will for my life, and the power behind humilty, and everything that is possible if you believe! Always remember, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. "

*see Optimism, Keep it positive!, Media, News, etc...

"USA TODAY" Written by Rod Stone

"A great shot in the arm for all patriotic Christians! We are still "one nation under God" and we need Him now more than ever. This song will inspire everyone to persevere through these times of uncertainty! rnThey can take God off of the money but they will never remove him from a believers heart!"



What is perseverance of the saints?

"John Piper talks about what it means for believers to persevere and stay on-mission. "
The Attitude of the Righteous — Part 6: Perseverance, from
"Teaching and encouragement to press on to the victory! (sample clip - for the entire message visit "



TobyMac - Hold On (Slideshow With Lyrics)


Before The Morning - Josh Wilson - Worship Video w-lyrics

Trading My Sorrows (worship video w/ lyrics)

  • Trading My Sorrows (Yes, Lord Song) - Beacon UMC Praise Band, from

    (Darrell Evans)

    I'm trading my sorrows, I'm trading my shame
    I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord
    I'm trading my sickness, I'm trading my pain
    I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

    And we say yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord
    Yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord
    Yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord. Amen

    I'm pressed but not crushed
    Persecuted, not abandoned
    Struck down but not destroyed
    I'm blessed beyond the curse
    For His promise will endure
    His joy's gonna be my strength
    Though the sorrow may last for the night
    His joy comes with the morning

    Beacon United Methodist Church
    Praise & Worship Band, September 2, 2007 "

    *see Deceiver-Ways Satan "lies" to everybody, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Magic, Illusions, Witches, etc....

  • How to Push Yourself Extremely Successfully - Lessons on Motivation By Rotem Cohen

  • "...6. Be mindful of the inner critic
    The inner critic is our worst enemy. Without fail, it whispers in our ear of failure, laziness, entitlement, lack of self worth and a myriad other tactics to take us off track of our goal. Don't listen to this so-called wise fellow. If it is pulling you away from completing your tasks, it is certainly not doing so in your best interest. The best way to handle this is; if you feel peaceful about your decision, you're going in the right direction. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable in any way, you are moving in the wrong direction. Your feelings will never steer you wrong.
    7. Don't even think about it# Be mindful of the inner critic
    Five minutes prior to performing a task is believed to be the most uncomfortable five minutes of all. Hesitation and all of its disciples (see number 6 above) will kick in. The Nike tag line of "Just Do It" applies here perfectly. Don't think - just complete the task in front of you....

    Your own worst enemy - Bruce Springsteen


    -Track & Field

    Run the Race

    "Will you persevere? To download this video and use in your church service, visit:"

    "You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised."-Hebrews 10




    Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure // Trailer

    "Set sail aboard the Endurance with Sir Ernest Shackleton and his 27-man crew and witness one of the most extraordinary survival stories of all time. Winning film for Best Cinematography in 2001"
    (1 of 11) Endurance, Shackleton and the Antarctic. , from
    "1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition."
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    Leadership at The Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton's Antarctic


  • Brother: Boys went out in search of love, ended up at sea for 50 days From Andreena Narayan, CNN November 27, 2010 5:46 p.m. EST

  • "The three teen boys were famished and dehydrated when rescuers found them after nearly two months at sea.
    (CNN) -- Three teenage boys from a remote South Pacific island went out to sea in search of love, only to end up lost and drifting 750 miles west into the ocean until their rescue 50 days later, one of the boys' brothers told CNN Saturday.
    Iele Filo said that the three boys, including his 15-year-old brother Filo, met two girls while helping host a rugby tournament on October 5 on Atafu in the Tokelau Islands, about midway between New Zealand and Hawaii.
    After the event, the girls went home to Nukonou, the central island in the three-island chain.
    Filo and Samu Pelesa, also 15, spent the night drinking heavily, before deciding to set off after the girls, Iele Filo, 16, said.
    Those two were "drunk," according to Iele, and a sober Etueni Nasau, 14, decided to join them in their romantic adventure.
    "They said they were going to go -- I thought they were kidding," Iele Filo said. "I didn't think they were really going to do it."
    The three boys, who are cousins, left just after midnight to "chase after the girls," Iele Filo said. But they never reached their destination, and their 12-foot metal boat eventually lost power.
    On Wednesday, a crew member of a New Zealand tuna fishing ship spotted the small boat from two miles away, in a far-flung stretch of sea between western Samoa and Fiji. The boys were famished, dehydrated, exhausted, naked and sunburned, but soon impressed their rescuers with their vivacious spirit and minds.
    "They looked very bad -- bones protruding from underneath the skin -- but mentally strong, strong as an ox," Tai Fredricsen, the first mate of the Sanford fishing boat that ended up taking on the boys, told CNN on Thursday.
    After eating and drinking on the boat, the boys were released to the Fiji coast guard around 4:30 a.m. Thursday. They were then admitted to Suva Public Hospital and, the next day, released to a physician identified as Dr. Rosemary Mitchell, a Suva police spokeswoman said.
    Fredricsen said on Saturday that he had not spoken recently with the boys, but had gotten assurances that they "are doing well."
    "I hope that our paths cross again," he told CNN while still at sea as he was and heading back to New Zealand.
    Still, it would be near impossible to replicate the circumstances under which they first met, about 240 miles northwest of Fiji.
    The boys told Fredricsen that they had left their island with enough coconuts to keep them hydrated for two days. They used a tarpaulin to catch rainwater and for shelter after their clothes disintegrated.
    Just over two weeks ago -- about the same time that hundreds of people in the Tokelau Islands attended a service to mourn them, after they were declared dead -- the three caught and ate a seabird, according to Fredricsen.
    The boys admitted drinking sea water two days before their rescue, something that could have shut down their kidneys had it continued.
    After bring onboard, Fredricsen said he moved the boys to his cabin's king-sized bed, where "they all fit comfortably," and began administering first aid to their burned skin.
    He began giving them small amounts of electrolyte-spiked liquids, and within a half-hour they could swallow again. Within a few hours, they were able to eat bits of dry white bread, then oranges and apples, until they were eventually requested French fries from McDonald's. Throughout the experience, the first mate said, the teens were smiling.
    "The cooperation was just incredible from the start," Fredricsen said. "It was just an uplifting experience to meet these young men. They didn't give up."
    Back in the Tokelau Islands, grief turned to elation when word spread that the boys were alive. Tanu Filo, the father of Filo and Iele, invited Fredricsen's crew to a traditional feast on the Tokelaus to celebrate the rescue.
    "I was on cloud nine, I was so joyful," Tanu Filo told CNN on Thursday, after hearing the news. "I couldn't believe my son and his boys were found again. Unbelievable."


    Miracle Rescues: Two Japan Survivors Pulled From Rubble

    "Two survivors of the Japan earthquake have been pulled alive from the rubble, four days after the 9.0 magnitude tremor.
    A 70-year-old woman was found alive in her house in the town of Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture, public broadcaster NHK reported. She was suffering from hypothermia but was not in a life-threatening condition, it said, adding that she had been hospitalised.
    A man, whose age was not given, was rescued in the town of Ishimaki in Miyagi prefecture, the network said.
    Miyagi was particularly badly hit by the quake and the subsequent tsunami that swept away whole towns and villages. Emergency personnel were reported to have found 2,000 bodies in the prefecture on Monday.
    The rare rescues came just a day after a four-month-old girl was plucked - apparently uninjured - from the rubble of the town of Ishinomaki, also in Miyagi.
    Emergency workers had rescued 15,000 people and about 550,000 had been evacuated to about 2,600 shelters across six prefectures by Monday, Kyodo News reported.
    However, local officials are estimated to have lost contact with about 30,000 people.
    Roads and rail, power and ports have been crippled across much of the northeast of Japan's Honshu island, hampering relief efforts."

  • Miracles in Japan: Four-Month-Old Baby, 70-Year-Old Woman Found Alive By: William Lee Adams

  • "Amid the silent corpses a baby cried out—and Japan met its tiniest miracle.
    On March 14, soldiers from Japan's Self-Defense Forces went door to door in Ishinomaki, a coastal town northeast of Senda, pulling bodies from homes that had been flattened by the earthquake and tsunami. More accustomed to hearing the crunching of rubble and the sloshing of mud than sounds of life, they dismissed the baby's cry as a mistake. Until they heard it again. ...

  • Japan's emperor in historic speech: 'Never give up hope' By the CNN Wire Staff March 16, 2011 12:32 p.m. EDT

  • "Tokyo (CNN) -- Japan's beloved emperor dramatically took to the national TV airwaves Wednesday and buoyed the spirits of his disaster-stricken citizens in an extraordinary address before a nation grappling with the aftermath of an epic earthquake and a devastating tsunami, and amid growing fears of a nuclear catastrophe.
    "I truly hope the victims of the disaster never give up hope, take care of themselves, and live strong for tomorrow," said the dignified and understated Emperor Akihito, in a calm and poignant oration delivered from the Imperial Palace.
    "Also, I want all citizens of Japan to remember everyone who has been affected by the devastation, not only today but for a long time afterwards -- and help with the recovery."
    An address by a sitting emperor is usually reserved for times of extreme crisis or war. Emperor Akihito's direct appeal to the public is considered exceptional in Japan and marks the first time that he has spoken to the public amid such a crisis....



  • Chile rescue of miners recalls 'better angels' By the Monitor's Editorial Board The Monitor's Editorial Board – Wed Oct 13, 3:14 pm ET

  • "I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God."
    Those were the words of Mario Sepulveda, the second miner to be freed after spending more than two months trapped underground in a collapsed mine in Chile.
    At this writing, the rescue effort is proceeding smoothly, as each of the 33 miners is brought to the surface, one by one, in a two-foot-diameter cage dubbed the Phoenix. The last of the miners was expected to taste the fresh air of freedom late Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
    As the world waits, prays, and cheers on the rescue effort, it's worth reviewing the blessings in this amazing story of ingenuity and perseverance.
    They begin with the resilience, patience, and courage of the miners. These men spent their first 17 days with no contact with the surface world, unaware of what kind of rescue effort might be under way or when it might reach them.
    This is believed to be the deepest rescue of trapped miners in history, and the miners are the longest to survive an underground collapse on record. They are ordinary working men, who took daily risks doing a job most people would avoid if possible.
    Their stories have already touched the world. Ariel Ticona became the father of his first child, Esperanza Ticona, while he was trapped more than a third of a mile underground. Jimmy Sanchez, only 19, wrote that he was looking forward to his mother’s cooking. "That will happen soon," he said. "After the bad comes the good."
    Working together, the miners organized themselves into three eight-hour shifts for work, relaxation, and sleep. Some jogged through the tunnels to keep in shape, others led singalongs or wrote journals.
    All of them face a new world back on the surface, one in which the benefits of their sudden celebrity will be balanced by the challenges of readjustment. A Chilean mine owner has started a $10,000 bank account for each of the miners to which others can donate. Hollywood will want their stories.
    The thoughtful care of these brave men must continue as their lives go forward.
    Far above them, through tons of rock and earth at Camp Esperanza (Hope), families and more than 1,000 journalists awaited each capsule’s arrival at the surface. As below, the story above ground was also one of working together to overcome adversity. Aid arrived from around the world, including the American-made Schram T-130 drill that completed the rescue hole weeks ahead of schedule.

    Chile Miners Rescue Video: Joy as capsule raises trapped men to surface



    Survivors Found 126 Hours After Haiti Earthquake

    "After surviving more than 5 days in the rubble, two victims were pulled alive from the wreckage of a collapsed Haiti supermarket late on Sunday to applause from amazed onlookers. (Jan. 18) "

  • How did some Haiti earthquake victims survive nearly two weeks under rubble? Docs explain factors BY Rosemary Black DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Friday, January 22nd 2010, 4:00 AM

  • "It wasn’t luck alone that led to the miraculous rescue of some victims pulled from the rubble a week and a half after the earthquake hit Haiti. They survived because of such factors as their general health, how they were positioned while trapped and the extent of their injuries, experts explain. ...
    Buried for 11 days, man survived on Coke and snacks January 24, 2010
  • Haiti miracle: Two survivors rescued 11 days after killer quake January 24th, 2010 - 2:36 pm ICT by ANI

  • "..Wismond had initially survived by diving under a desk when the rubble started to fall around him as the quake struck. Later, he found himself trapped in a tiny space but discovered a few select groceries within arms reach - beer, cookies and cola.
    "I was hungry. But every night I thought about the revelation that I would survive. I would eat anything I found. After the quake I didn't know when it was day and when it was night. It was God who was tucking me away in his arms. It gave me strength," Sky News quoted him, as saying...
    But yesterday, as he recovered in a field hospital, he said: "I felt the house dance around me. I’m here today because God wants it." ..

  • Haiti miracle: Daline Etienne, 16, survives earthquake for 15 days, From The Times January 28, 2010

  • "Hundreds of Haitians cheered, wept and gave thanks to God last night as a 16-year-old girl was pulled from beneath the rubble of her house, 15 days after the earthquake.
    Daline Etienne was barely alive with very low blood pressure, but medics with the French rescue team that saved her were confident that she would pull through. Her rescuers thought that she might have survived on Coca-Cola.
    "It's a joy, it’s a miracle. Everyone is rejoicing," said Bertony Daudier, one of the huge crowd that gathered to watch the drama unfold in the San Gérard district of Port-au-Prince. ...
    She did not move and she was covered in dust and looked almost lifeless. Commander Samuel Bernes, of the rescue team, said: “She just said, 'Thank you'. She’s very weak, which suggests that she’s been there for 15 days.”
    "It's a miracle. God has watched over her and Jesus got her out," Mr Fuilla said.
    Daline was rushed to the Hôpital Lycée Français where doctors opted to fly her by helicopter to a French naval ship off the coast of Haiti for treatment. Michel Orcel, a doctor at the hospital, said: "We can’t explain how she survived all that time. She is going to live. There is no doubt.” He said that she appeared to have no more than a few cuts on her legs. ...


    Acts - Pt 15 of 22

    Acts 20
    Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders
    "... 22"And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there. 23I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. 24However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace. ..
    *see Church Services, Body of Believers, Family of Christ, Fellowship, etc...


    -Track & Field

  • Derek Redmond: Motivational Speaker, Elite Athlete, Keynote ..., official site

  • " Jul 26, 2010 ... Management for Derek Redmond, an excellent motivational speaker, inspiring conference audiences around the world. Former Olympian and world ...
    'Perseverance' Derek Redmond

    "Derek Redmond Olympic Games Finish the race together "
    Derek Redmond From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "..(born 3 September 1965, in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England) is a retired British athlete. During his career, he held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4x400 metres relay at the World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.
    However his career was blighted by a series of injuries, and he is best remembered for his performance at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona where he tore his hamstring in the 400 metres semi-final but fought through the pain and, with assistance from his father, managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. The incident has become a well-remembered moment in Olympic history, having been the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee's 'Celebrate Humanity' videos and been used in advertisements by Visa as an illustration of the Olympic spirit and featured in Nike's "Courage" commercials in 2008...


    "An incredibly inspiring video about the love of a Father and the pain of a son."
    *see Man, Men, dad, father, "Heavenly Father", etc....

    *see Bible

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